Post Show Discussion
Posted on 24 Jan 2016

Thank you to everyone who attended our sell-out post-show discussion.

Dr. Ben Sessa chaired with flair. As a world leader on MDMA-assisted therapy for Post Traumatic Stress, his knowledge was fluent, witty and profound. Peter Kinderman (Professor of Clinical Psychology) and Anna Cooke (Consultant Clinical Psychologist) fielded questions from a warm, witty and well-informed audience on a diverse range of subjects ranging from impact to impasse, health to hangovers. Lee Hayward, from Save Our Soldier, spoke of the harsh realities of this complex condition but did so with compassion and care. The company’s co-artistic directors, David Woods and Jon Haynes, completed the line-up, revealing their inspiration, influences and unique working process.

An evening of intelligent theatre, followed by elegant discourse. It is how the arts should be.

Our heartfelt thanks go out to everyone who participated, especially the audience member who flew in to see the show, participated in the discussion, then got straight back onto the jet.


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