Ridiculusmus awarded Herald Archangel at Edinburgh Festival Theatre
Posted on 22 Sep 2019


Jon and Dave pictured with Mary Brennan from The Herald at the Edinburgh Festival Theatre award ceremony.

“If the clowning that ensues teeters on the edge of tragic distress, then accept you are meant to feel a bit uneasy- we have a responsibility to the elderly as they disintegrate towards death.” Mary Brennan, The Herald Scotland

“Imagine a collaboration between the master of absurdist theatre Eugene Ionesco and the comic genius of Charlie Chaplin and you will have something approximating this exceptional piece. The show is darkly hilarious in its brilliantly realised physical comedy. Dangerously funny, scatological, surreal, clever and ultimately powerfully humane, it is the finest show I have seen on this year’s fringe.”

Mark Brown, The Sunday Herald

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