Beautiful People

Beautiful People began its life under a different title (Die! Die! Die! Old People Die! which it still goes by in Scotland and Germany) with acclaimed seasons at Artshouse Melbourne,  Battersea Arts Centre, London and Summerhall, Edinburgh as part of the 2019 British Council Showcase. From 2022 its timeless and largely wordless charms are back, renamed for obvious reasons and touring.

The Age

Witness Performance

Stage Whispers

ahs2-18-die-die-die-old-people-die-by-ridiculusmus-david-woods-and-jon-haynes-image-by-bryony-jackson-low-res ahs2-18-die-die-die-old-people-die-by-ridiculusmus-jon-haynes-image-by-bryony-jackson-low-res


Images by Bryony Jackson

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