The Eradication of Schizophrenia in Western Lapland




“If the title is a mouthful, the show itself is a mindful” A Younger Theatre

The Eradication of Schizophrenia in Western Lapland is informed by a treatment for psychosis that has seen amazing results in Western Lapland. Ridiculusmus travelled to the region to study this radical new therapy as the starting point of their own creative journey.

“There’s something electrifying, yet oddly reassuring about this experience. A startling piece of work that challenges how you listen and fathom what you hear” The Guardian

The audience is divided in two while two sections of the play run concurrently on either side of a wall. It is only in Act 2, when the audiences switch sides, that the full story is revealed. This innovative staging offers visitors a unique and three-dimensional insight into what it is to be psychotic.

“To me, the very confusion and disjointedness of the play was part of its strength, and I found it strangely uplifting”.   Anne Cooke, Consultant Clinical Psychologist and Principal Lecturer at Canterbury Christ Church University, writing in the British Journal of General Practice

“The latest transmission from Ridiculusmus is in, and it’s as tense and audacious as it is vital. Extremely funny and often heartbreaking… both seriously thought provoking and seriously funny theatre, it sees Ridiculusmus (remaining) at the very top of their game”   Exeunt

The show has been performed on various continents in venues that range from art houses to village halls, black box theatres to mental health festivals. It was developed with support from The Wellcome Trust in collaboration with leading scientists and Finnish health professionals.

“It is an open door to understanding, which is the first step to removing the stigma around the condition. This is Ridiculusmus’s stated aim, and they are very successful” Everything Theatre.

Written by David Woods and Jon Haynes.

Original Cast: David Woods, Jon Haynes, Patrizia Paolini and Richard Talbot.

Commissioned by Sick! Festival, Brighton. Funded by the Wellcome Trust and Arts Council England with support from Shoreditch Town Hall, Metal and Stephen Joseph Theatre.



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