How to be Funny


David and Jon have spent over 20 years making people laugh and asking the question, Why? Channeling Freud, Aristotle and other leading philosophers, they have created a seriously funny show that investigates what it is to be funny.

The show has been performed at wide range of venues from literary, mime and comedy festivals to major venues in London and Australia.


Funded by Arts Council England. Developed at the University of Kent.

Performed and created by David Woods Jon Haynes with Richard Talbot, Miguel Antunes, Patrizia Paolini, Adam Broinowski and James King.

Cast & Crew

Performer/Collaborator David Woods & Jon Haynes
Performer/Collaborator Richard Talbot
Performer/Collaborator Miguel Antunes
Performer/Collaborator Patrizia Paolini
Performer/Collaborator Adam Broinowski
Performer/Collaborator James King

Partners & Funders

Arts Council EnglandUniversity of Kent

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